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Ski season 2023

English version below Care famiglie, riprendiamo con il consueto entusiasmo l’organizzazione delle attività sci. Il periodo economico e sociale non ci è d’aiuto ma abbiamo fatto del nostro meglio per poter offrire un pacchetto con dei prezzi onesti in considerazione degli aumenti che stiamo vivendo. Nel dettaglio vi comunichiamo che: Il mercatino dell’usato di sci […]

European School Student Mobility Programme 2022 – 2023

– interview with ASGEV volunteer, Dr. Petra Schaff (conducted by Ally Micklem)   After Covid brought many school activities to a standstill, it was wonderful to be able to restart the Students’ Mobility Programme this year. AGSEV caught up with the Vice-President (External), of AGSEV, to ask her more about the exchange.   How long […]


What can we give to the School?

This October 2022 our school and the Parents Association have come together to fund a future project at school. We would like to hear YOUR ideas for a small, concrete proposal which would improve our childrens’ lives whether it is in Materna, Primary or the Secondary School. Previous projects the AGESV and school have realised together include […]

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AGSEV Elections 2022

English version below Care Famiglie, I consiglieri AGSEV sono eletti dei propri membri con durata di 2 anni ed ogni anno ci sono le elezioni per la definizione delle nuove cariche. Di solito si parla dell’AGSEV per le attività parascolastiche e i corsi di musica ma sapete che i rappresentanti dell’AGSEV partecipano ai consigli amministrativi […]

Corsi Club Europeo Ispra

(per l’italiano vedi sotto) We would like to inform you that AGSEV has relaunched its cooperation with Club Europeo Ispra after a long break due to the pandemic, allowing all students of the European School to avail of additional course offers. For further information, please consult the Club’s webpage and the links below: www.clubeuropeo.it WEDNESDAY CHILDREN / FRIDAY […]

How to purchase the school calendar 2022-2023

You may still buy a copy of the AGSEV school calendar, by –          Asking your child to pass at the secretaries of the Primary and Secondary school. Mrs Cernuschi and Mrs Amic have copies to sell. –          Passing at the AGSEV-office in Ispra which is open every Thursday from 9:30 to 12:30. –          Contacting the […]

Preorder your calendar for the school year 2022-2023

We are happy to announce that the 2022-2023 school calendar can be pre-ordered now! How to: 1) make a bank transfer (10 EUR per calendar) indicating: “calendario 22 23 name class” to: AGSEV Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Ispra, IBAN IT28 K010 0550 3400 0000 0007 611 BIC swift BNLIITRRXXX 2) send the proof of payment […]

WORLD BOOK DAY 2022 on Friday the 8th of April

[Per l’italiano vedi sotto] World book day is a wonderful opportunity to remind children how much fun books and reading can be, and lots of children love to dressing up as their favourite book character at school. In addition all classes will meet outside in order to read together in silence between 11:30 and 11:45. […]

Classlist for AGSEV

Classlist – Our Online, Whole School Community Tool!   The English section recently trialled Classlist and now we want you to join too. Classlist  is an online platform designed by two mumpreneuers from the UK. It enables parents to connect with each other to create an online school community. It is GDPR compliant which means […]