What can we give to the School?


This October 2022 our school and the Parents Association have come together to fund a future project at school.

We would like to hear YOUR ideas for a small, concrete proposal which would improve our childrens’ lives whether it is in Materna, Primary or the Secondary School.

Previous projects the AGESV and school have realised together include paving the Materna playground with a ‘bouncy’ surface and building a greenhouse.

In 2021 we chose the idea of installing some water butts, to enable children to harvest rain water to use in their new vegetable gardens, by 2022. The project is underway, and photos should be available soon!

Please speak with your children to hear their ideas and write to us at parents.association@agsev.it by MONDAY 31st October 2022 telling us how we should invest to improve the school.

The AGSEV board will discuss the ideas, and the steering committee will make the final decision. Our project will be announced on November 15th.

Wish you were on the board and able to influence school policy?

Please read about what we do and candidate yourself for our next elections! Get in touch with your language section Rep for support.

We’re really looking forward to hearing all your ideas!