Meeting Minutes 6th May 2024




Invitati: Board AGSEV

João Barroso EN S / President, Denise Sofia EN P ,Petra Schaaff DE S / Vice-President,
Lilly Wunsch DE P, Anne Jolivet FR S, Pascal Blondel FR P / Secretary General,
Roberta Rossi IT S, Fabrizia Scabini IT P, Erika Soriani NL S, Lorenzo van Wijk NL P,
Daria Konitz SWALS, Pavla Chyska SWALS, Petya Verbanova SWALS, Eva Merglova SWALS,
Alison Micklem Libero, Guido Ferrari Libero, Monica Grandinetti Libero / Treasurer, Benedikt Hermann Libero, Anna Cipriani Libero, Cristina Martínez SWALS


Monday, 6th May 2024


dalle ore 18:30 alle 21:00 (at JRC-Ispra main entrance, 1st floor meeting room)

0 Approval of the MoMs of last Board of 15/04

No comment from the Board. 

Action: the Sec.Gen. will finalize (pdf file) the minutes for their publication on the website by P.Chyska.

Sec.Gen. and All
1 Accounting, Fiscal & Statutory matters

  1. financial report => to be distributed to the Board by tomorrow by B.Hermann:
  • main account to be closed
  • BAC account still on-going
  • SKI account: update to be requested to the Ski club resp. (Osvaldo)
  • 4th account: still need to be reviewed
  1. accounting service providers => not discussed in current Board meeting
  2. change of Bank account;

Comparative assessment still to be updated, and presented to the Board before a decision can be taken.

  1. Update on RUNTS

Please refer to the summary done and already sent by G.Ferrari

The reasons why to apply to RUNTS can be summarised as follow: (i) if asked by customer(s), (ii) for participating to public tenders, (iii) for obtaining specific tax advantages or donations (5%00)

Obligations: change the status, financial report to be published acc. to a given template

This decision to register or not to RUNTS is independent of any fiscal consideration on p.IVA and Financial Statements, which have a wider impact. 

– what are the turnover thresholds for having to prepare  full financial statements?

– what is commercial turnover ?

– what are the commercial turnover limits for having to open a P.IVA? 

– when in any case is it expected that all non-profit will have to open a P.IVA ? 

– does this impact how AGSEV operate and what it can do?

Anyhow, any association will have to apply for an IVA number by Jan. 1st 2025 (even w/o any commercial activity)

  • Action: A working group needs to be set up to prepare the decision to be taken by the Board (if possible in next meeting), following issuance of the financial report
Treasurer and All
2 COTSEV interface

Updates on:

  • a date for a joint meeting between the Boards;

The date still need to be agreed with COTSEV Board

  • the documents received (atto costitutivo and verbali COTSEV)

‘Atto costitutivo’ received (email COTSEV of 18/04), referring AGSEV as a ‘socio sovventore’.
The AGSEV Board representatives will consult the COTSEV ‘libro soci’ at the occasion of the joint Board meeting to be organized with COTSEV (see previous point), in order to check the original AGSEV status in this book.

  • next steps

Action: AGSEV Pres. will ask COTSEV Board for organizing the joint Board meeting in ESVA as soon as possible.

Pres. and All
3 Extra-curriculum activities 

Updates on organization for next year, insurances, medical certificates

The AGSEV Vice-Pres. informed the Board that she has collected information from L.Wunsch (about past years’ planning and organization of activities) and already met the teachers; she will meet the ESVA director with the two coordinators (from teachers’ side) already identified (for Music and Other activities respectively) for planning next year activities for the best.

The question is still raised about starting the extra-curriculum registrations by the end of the current scholar year, allowing the parents to anticipate the bus planning, thus avoiding interfering with the COTSEV management of the bus lines once the next scholar year is started.

The Sec.Gen. recalled the discussion already held on the matter, referring to point 1.3 of AGSEV Board MoMs 04/03/2024.

Vice-Pres. and All
4 Other points; updates on

  1. spurious AMOK alarms at the School

Following the numerous complaints received by the parents, the AGSEV Board needs to decide the best strategy to tackle the matter at the appropriate level with the School Direction (S&S committee and/or CdA), by:

  • either raising the same questions/comments than last year on the issue (problem of the spurious alarm, numerous examples demonstrating lack of awareness/training from the school staff and teachers; psychological impact reported on children; etc)
  • or asking to the School, in the name of the parents, to stop this AMOK alarm system as it appears the School can’t manage to operate the system and pertaining procedures adequately.

Action: Board members to inquire and discuss the question with their class delegates, before a vote to the next Board meeting

  1. antiracism chart (Action A.Micklem)

No update (Ally absent)

  1. class photos for next year

No solution yet found with the School direction to get and confirm the exact class lists’ composition. The possibility to ‘delegate’ to some extent this check at the level of the class representatives is currently being considered.

  1. school calendar

The request of the drawings/illustrations for next year calendar has been sent to the classes.

  1. WG Italian L2

Kick-Off meeting of the Working Group with the School direction held done on last year.
The School direction proposed a survey on materna only; AGSEV reps to the WG (Pres. J.Barroso + A.Cipriani) asked to do the survey at the scale of the whole school classes, for a better and exhaustive assessment of the needs.

  1. Conferences coming
  • With M.Locatelli (tomorrow 7/05 [IT] and next week 14/05 [EN]);
  • Organized with IP (see SMS message already received)
  1. Short presentation about WhatsApp and ClassList (C.Martinez)

Discussion postponed to next meeting, due to lack of time (meeting closed at 21.00)