Q&A Class Photos 2023-24


  • What is “Privacy consent” and how do I provide it? Isn’t this included in the school consent at the beginning of the academic year?

The school administration has expressly stated that the consent given to the school via the SMS system can’t be used for activities not run by the school. The shooting is organized by AGSEV, and not by the school, therefore a specific informed privacy consent needs to be given by every family together with agreeing with the privacy statement for treatment of personal information, to allow their children to be photographed for the class photo.

If you have given us the consent already last year, it is still valid and you do not need to repeat this step.

If you are a current year AGSEV member, you also have an Active Consent and you do not need to do this step. (Please make sure your child(ren)’s data under the My profile section of your account is up to date!)

If you are NOT a current year AGSEV member and you DIDN’T GIVE US YOUR CONSENT last year, you need to purchase the consent at no cost (0€ “purchase”) in a separate step prior to buying the photos – see below under “How can I order”.

  • I don’t remember if I gave the informed consent.

You can always check the status of your memberships and consents on our website in your “My Account” section: https://www.agsev.it/my-account/. Please log in and go to “Memberships”. The Class Photo Privacy should be listed there as Active. Should you wish to cancel your consent, you can also do that under “Memberships”. You can log in on AGSEV’s website using your member login details or the login details you receive when you order the Class Photo Privacy consent.

Contact us at (classphotos@agsev.it) should you have problems logging in.

  • How can I order the photos? 

We use the same online ordering system from last year available on our website. Importantly, this year it will not be possible to order class photos without first having an active Class Photo Privacy consent on AGSEV’s website. The link to order class photos (https://www.agsev.it/product/class-photo-20×30-priv/) will only permit the ordering if you are logged in on AGSEV’s website and you have an Active Class Photo Privacy consent.

If you do have an active Class Photo Privacy Consent, you can proceed directly to ordering your photos at: https://www.agsev.it/product/class-photo-20×30-priv/

If you are not an AGSEV member and you didn’t give us your consent last year, it means you need to order in two steps:

  1. First order the Privacy consent at no cost (0€ “purchase”) at https://www.agsev.it/product/class-photo-privacy/. You have to add the name(s), class(es) and section(s) of your child(ren), tick the box with the consent and press “Add to basket”. You should then press “Go To Cart” or “View basket” and press “Proceed to checkout” at the end of that page. Do not forget to “Place order” after completing your billing details at checkout (at the bottom of the page) in order to complete the order of the Class Photo Privacy consent. Under checkout, you will be asked to indicate an email address under billing details. This address will be used to create an account on AGSEV’s website, which you can then use to log in to the website.
  2. Log in and order the class photos (https://www.agsev.it/product/class-photo-20×30-priv/)

We ask you to agree with Class Photo Privacy consent (using the procedure explained above) even if you don’t want to order any photos so that your child(ren) can be included in the class photos. You are able to order the “Class Photo Privacy” without ordering photos for no cost.

  • When is the deadline for ordering my photos?

The deadline for giving us the informed consent and for ordering the photos is 29th October 2023.

  • When will the shooting start?

The class photos will be shot on 8-17 November for secondary and on 20-24 November for nursery/primary, with the week of 27 Nov to 1 December as back up in case the other two weeks are not sufficient.

The detailed schedule will be sent to you later by the school so you know when the photos of your child(ren)’s class(es) will be taken.

  • How much will the pictures cost? 

The prices are (€5,00/photo) for AGSEV members and (€10,00/photo) for non-member families.
If you decide to support AGSEV and purchase the membership (€25,00/year) together with purchasing the picture(s), the discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

  • Who will be taking the pictures, the same as last year?

This year  we will be working again with Paola Beccegato, an experienced photographer from Azzate.

  • What kinds of photos will be taken? Will individual portraits be done as well?

No individual photos will be taken. It will be up to the class teachers to decide if they want to be in the photo with the class. There will be two pictures taken, one “serious” and the other “funny”, both  20x30cm.

  • How can I pick-up the pictures?

Once the pictures are taken, edited and printed they will be delivered to school to the child’s main teacher in personalized envelopes. If you have more children, all pictures will be delivered to the oldest child’s main teacher. You will receive further communication closer in time.

  • I have a question that is not addressed in this text, how can I contact you?

Please contact us at (classphotos@agsev.it), we’ll be happy to answer and help you.