Meeting Minutes 15th April 2024




Invitati: Board AGSEV

Partecipanti: João Barroso EN S / President, Petra Schaaff DE S / Vice-President, Pascal Blondel FR P / Secretary General, Erika Soriani NL S, Lorenzo van Wijk NL P, Anne Jolivet FR S, Pavla Chyska SWALS, Guido Ferrari Libero, Monica Grandinetti Libero / Treasurer, Benedikt Hermann Libero, Anna Cipriani Libero, Cristina Martínez SWALS

Assenti: Denise Sofia EN P, Lilly Wunsch DE P, Roberta Rossi IT S, Fabrizia Scabini IT P, Daria Konitz, Petya Verbanova SWALS, Eva Merglova SWALS, SWALS, Alison Micklem Libero


Monday, 15th April 2024

dalle ore 18:30 alle 20:00 (on-line – Zoom meeting)

1 Accounting matters

Offers gathered (M.Grandinetti)

  • The treasurer M.Grandinetti informed that several offers have been received for providing accounting service. She advises to select onE single service provider for all the AGSEV needs, for the sake of simplicity.
  • The Pres. asked about the status of the financial statement report from last year, eventually issuing it shortly w/o the very detail (‘desegregation’) of all the money transfers for this past period. 

In the future, it is however necessary to get the breakdown of the money movements by activities in order to clearly identify the profitable activities from the non-profit activities.

2 COTSEV interface

Updates on:

  • a date for a joint meeting between the Boards;
  • the documents requested by AGSEV (atto costitutivo and verbali COTSEV)

=> The documents asked are still not received from COTSEV; the question of AGSEV as ‘socio sovventore’ is still pending to be solved

Pres. and All
3 Extra-curriculum activities 

Updates on organization for next year, insurances, medical certificates

  • The Vice-Pres. P.Schaaff informed that a digital platform for coordination of the activities is being set up with G.Ferrari and P.Chyska (see also point 4.h) below)
4 Other points; updates on

  1. IT security of the AGSEV website
  • G.Ferrari informed about an IT security breach (phishing), which had to be dealt with  and reported on the mitigation as well as preventive measures taken to handle various IT risks in the future.
  • The fact that the site is being developed and increasingly used for various activities and therefore much more ‘visible’ explains this increase of IT attacks
  1. Antiracism chart
  • Status to discussed with A.Micklem (Action P.Schaaff for reminder)
  1. ARUBA accounts

=> The ARUBA service is based on a yearly payment (bill) which can be tracked; notifications are expected to be sent in case of payment or renewal issue

  1. class photos for next year
  • Meeting requested by Pres. J.Barroso with the School direction, to solve the matter of the privacy consent’ management and access to the updated class lists data.
  • Having the parents’ authorization for the class photo directly managed via the SMS would be the best option, however this possibility was denied at the last minute by the School direction last year.
  • Another solution would be to use ‘ClassList’, however not all parents have subscribed to this app.
  1. conferences (M.Locatelli, A.Leone)
  • the Vice-Pres. P.Schaaff informed that the School agreed to provide a room for the conf. with M.Locatelli.
  1. JTC meeting of next year
  • This should be held on next October. The Pres. J.Barroso recalled that a member from AGSEV should represent (in presence) InterParents (IP) this time; however requiring the involvement of that member in at least 2 IP prior meetings. Therefore, AGSEV may have to skip its participation to the next JTC (Joint Teaching Committee), if such member is not available.
  1. publication of the last approved AGSEV Board MoMs on the website
  • P.Chryska informed the approved MoMs have been published on the website; a straight link from the main page will be added.
  1. starting a knowledgebase / describing the AGSEV processes and activities (P.Schaaff and P.Chryska)


P.Schaaf and C.Martinez are preparing the School calendar for next year, starting with the selection of the pupils’ works



Points postponed to a next Board:

Bank account

Subscription to RUNTS