How to purchase the school calendar 2022-2023



You may still buy a copy of the AGSEV school calendar, by

–          Asking your child to pass at the secretaries of the Primary and Secondary school. Mrs Cernuschi and Mrs Amic have copies to sell.

–          Passing at the AGSEV-office in Ispra which is open every Thursday from 9:30 to 12:30.

–          Contacting the AGSEV calendar group:

The calendar is a not-for-profit project, and can be purchased at the cost of 10,- €.

As every year, the wall-calendar, which runs from September 2022 to August 2023 is created by parent volunteers in close cooperation with the school’s art teachers. Every month a different artwork of students from the school is displayed on the top of the calendar page, while on the bottom you find space to take notes on each day of the month.

You might also find it useful that the holiday calendar has been integrated, so you can easily see when school is closed.

Big thanks again to everyone who helped us to create this year’s calendar!

The AGSEV calendar group