Interparents: Uniting parents associations across Europe

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Interparents: Uniting parents associations across Europe


The Parents Associations of all 13 European Schools created a network called Interparents to enable quick and easy communication amongst themselves. It is a forum for sharing best practice, learning from each other, and for giving and receiving support.

In addition to everyday matters, members of this panel contribute to the working groups within of our Board of Governors in Brussels, and the Joint teaching committee, after studying our ongoing issues in great depth. Issues range from the implementation of the new BAC and marking scheme, to the creation of a joint vision for digital awareness and education.

How and when we meet

In addition to participation in those meetings, we meet four times a year as a group, for two days at a time to share paperwork and discuss progress. Meetings take place at each school in rotation, although members can also join in over Skpye. Travel is reimbursed, sandwiches are provided, but time and problem analysis is given freely.

Issues at the September meeting

At the most recent meeting, Varese participated via Skpye, and we discussed:

  • Brexit
  • common issues arising from the last Inspection of the school
  • how to manage large-scale events (such as Eurosport)
  • our joint response to climate change
  • the secondary school calculator
  • the new BAC marking scheme
  • Careers advice in Secondary School.
  • Language Policy

For more information, please sign up as an AGSEV member and get in touch with the IP representative directly (information in the magazine).


What are you waiting for?

We really need to increase the number of AGSEV members across the school if we are going to be able to represent you all. Membership is usually part of the ‘package’ when you join a European school, but here in Italy we have to ask for your support separately. We are your organization – together we are stronger and can organize more support for the parent community. Click here to join!