AGSEV Board Elections: Deadline for Candidates

Candidates must register by 28th October, 2019 at 11:00


Elections for the AGSEV Board are coming in November, 2019. And the deadline for candidates is 28th October, 2019 at 11:00. Find out what it means to be a candidate for the AGSEV board below.

What does the AGSEV board do?

Board members from different sections work together on projects and committees that impact the whole school, including education, the library, Green initiatives, inter-school coordination and sharing, communication, organizing the 60th anniversary party, and more.


The board is entirely voluntary, and requires time and dedication to participate in monthly meetings and working group sessions. But as a board member you’ll have the chance to make your section’s voice heard and have a bigger role in helping shape the future of AGSEV and the school.

How to become a candidate

Interested? Find out more about which sections are electing board members, how to become a candidate, in the AGSEV online magazine (opens PDF).

What if you’re NOT interested in running for the board?

Start a conversation about the election and the AGSEV board. The best elections are active elections, with motivated candidates and voters. So start talking with your fellow parents and AGSEV members about the upcoming elections. You could:

  • Learn about the election rules
  • Find out who’s running for the election in your section
  • Share your interests and concerns, and your vision for AGSEV and the school
  • Encourage good potential board members to step forward and become a candidate
  • Join AGSEV if you haven’t yet