Classlist for AGSEV

Classlist – Our Online, Whole School Community Tool!


The English section recently trialled Classlist and now we want you to join too. Classlist  is an online platform designed by two mumpreneuers from the UK. It enables parents to connect with each other to create an online school community. It is GDPR compliant which means it’s safe and private. We are promoting it here to let all parents know about the opportunity to be part of the  European School of Varese Parent community..

Why does the PA think Classlist  is a great idea?

Parents at our school come from across Europe and beyond. Our school was founded to provide a national education for the children of Joint Research Centre (JRC) workers but has always benefited from category 2 and 3 parents who bring a different energy into the community.  Unusually for a European School, around one-third of our parents do not work at the JRC, but commute from Varese to nearby towns and regions. Many of our JRC parents live near Ispra, so their children commute to school. The result is that our parent community is spread across a big geographical area around Lago di Varese, and Lago Maggiore. How can all our Parents feel connected to each other and be part of the same community?

AGSEV is rolling out Classlist  to offer Parents a place to connect, support each other, exchange useful information, arrange social  events and sell or buy second-hand stuff from a single app we can all take part in – regardless of language, employer or geographical area. It’s like having WhatsApp, email, Facebook and in exceptional situations even SMS in one place.

Classlist  hosts various  groups on the same safe platform. This means you can connect to your child’s class – but also create and join interest groups which cut across classes and year groups. So instead of waiting until you bump into other parents who want to organise a local pizza, or swap size 10 clothes, or who are going through the same experience as you – you can find or create a dedicated group. Put out an announcement that the group exists, and interested Parents will find you.

How can I take part?

There are several ways of joining our Classlist space. You can follow this link then click  on ‘Find your school’. After answering a couple of questions you’ll be directed to a page asking you for the name of your school. Start typing ‘european school’ then choose from the menu the European School of Varese Parents.

Or you can use the invitation from our Classlist ambassador Elzbieta or be sent an invitation from your class representative or a parent already a member or simply use the attached QR code. Then just follow the instructions on the screen.

Every  parent,  custodian, stepparent, and even grandparent who has a child at our school can join.

Classlist is free of charge! It’s available in an on-line version as well as an app for both Apple and Android. To download the Classlist app visit the AppStore or Google Play Store according to your mobile device.

What gets shared on Classlist?

The answer is simple: every information related to life at our school. Homework, swimming classes, music, lost jackets, parent-teacher meetings, anything. Class Reps can particularly benefit from being members of Classlist. By inviting all the parents of your class to join, your fellow parents will be automatically assigned to your corresponding classes – which is easier than trying to keep an updated list when information from the school might not always get through. When you want to organise an event, it is extremely easy to create attractive, interactive posters using the tools inside the app. These can be linked to your parents calendars automatically – meaning nobody gets left behind.

Through the app class reps as well as individual parents can contact the PA Board members, ask these representatives questions or make a post on issues of mutual interest.

Spare a few minutes to explore and experiment with Classlist and see the possibilities for yourselves. See you there! 


By Ally Micklem & Elzbieta Ceglarska


QR code: your QR code for easy access is here