Meeting Minutes 22nd January 2024





Joāo Barroso (Pres.), Monica Grandinetti (Treasurer, by tel), Petra Schaaff Holzwarth (Vice-Pres.), Pascal Blondel (Sec.Gen.), Roberta Rossi (by tel), Eva Merglova (by tel), Lisette Soolsma, Lorenzo van Wijk, Daria Budzowska Konitz, Petya Verbanova, Fabrizia Scabini, Benedikt Hermann, Guido Ferrari, Anne Jolivet, Erika Soriani (by phone)


Monday, 22nd January 2024

dalle ore 18:30 alle 21:00 (at Club House, CCR-Ispra)

1 AGSEV Board nominations (confirmed)

• Treasurer : Monica Grandinetti (will leave on next year)

• Sec. Gen : Pascal Blondel

• VP external + rep. InterParents : no candidates

2 Dealing with serious complaints from pupils/parents

An update was provided regarding the ongoing issue of alleged instances of verbal abuse and inappropriate conduct of one specific teacher towards his pupils. The Board expressed deep concern and a firm commitment to addressing any issue that may impact the students’ mental and emotional well-being, as well as their educational environment. Despite the requests for intervention, both parents and AGSEV are of the opinion that the school administration has not taken enough action to address and resolve this matter adequately.

The Board emphasized its dedication to handling matters of this nature with utmost seriousness.

Action (Pres. and Vice-Pres.) at next School Adv. Council: Check/request for a whistleblowing procedure being implemented at the ESVA, guaranteeing confidentiality/independence.

3 Points to be proposed for the School Advisory Council (25/01/2024)

  1. See previous point before;
  2. Issue with Math 6 in S4 IT (A+B): would need to be split  in two  classes
    => derogation to be requested by School; to be approved by Admin Council;
  3. The requirement by the School of a medical absence certificate for B-tests seems too demanding.
4 Points to be proposed for Safety & Security (S&S) committee (25/01/2024)

  1. Management of kids w/o badge at the Mensa;
  2. Implementation of the S&S agreement signed in 2023 between AGSEV and ESVA;
  3. Request for a microwave in the cantine;
  4. Installing a guiding rail on the steps between the bus stop area and the school (accessibility for disabled pupils).
5 Branded T-Shirts

A request for clarification has already been sent to the School Direction; waiting for their answer about the mandatory character and need to use the existing FWC.

6 COTSEV interface

The Board discussed the participation of AGSEV into COTSEV Board (2 members as ‘socio sovventore’, as per Art.34 from COTSEV status), as well as the comments from the Ministry inspection from 2021, still to be clarified (‘diffida’).

Two AGSEV board members have been elected in last AG (of 12/01/2024): F.Scabini and A.Jolivet, but none appointed by the AGSEV Board.

Action (Pres.): AGSEV will formally ask to COTSEV how to implement the Art.34 for reintegrating the n.2 AGSEV members.

AGSEV will also consider the possibility to ask clarification to the Ministry about their comments.

7 School Trips

Following last year problems, the FWC with Denatravel was terminated.

IP intended to have the school trips back on extra-curriculum activities (dealing with private money from parents), but this was not endorsed by European Schools SG, who is currently working on a new FWC.

Action (Eva M.): the Board supported the idea to further investigate the matter with the Court of Auditors.

8 Extra-curriculum activities

The job description for providing support has been drafted.

The Board members discussed and agreed that this activity needs a lot of involvement to organize and manage, and implies responsibilities by AGSEV (eg employer of the teachers), in particular since the S&S framework agreement has been imposed by the school (but not fully implemented on their side – see agenda point 4.2) before).

If the agreement cannot be changed, AGSEV will have to stop these activities. The lack of resources on AGSEV side will remain an issue in any case.

9 Other points (by Vice-Pres. Petra Schaaff)

  1. Proposal to set up on the AGSEV website a restricted space for exchanges on various topics, with the aim to preserve/manage useful information and knowledge.
  2. AGSEV delegates should, to some extent, and when possible, moderate/manage by themselves the various questions/comments coming from parents before escalating them to AGSEV Board.
  3. Cyber-bullying issues: contact taken with Mr Locatelli.
  4. Reminder that AGSEV representatives can suggest support to parents for children with disabilities (dys) issues or disorders (centro clinico Montello)
  5. DE Inspector visit (two specific issues discussed)