60 Years of the European School!

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As you are probably aware, the school is gearing up to celebrate 60 years in Varese. Representing the parents, members of AGSEV attended a recent meeting with school staff, teachers and members of the JRC to pool ideas for how to contribute. Lots of ideas come up – including video projects, music events, a commemorative book and a family walk – amongst others.

If you are interested in helping…

AGSEV members would be very welcome to join the working group and come along to help the school mark this historic moment. Please do get in touch for further information.


What are you waiting for?

We really need to increase the number of AGSEV members across the school if we are going to be able to represent you all. Membership is usually part of the ‘package’ when you join a European school, but here in Italy we have to ask for your support separately. We are your organization – together we are stronger and can organize more support for the parent community. Click here to join!