Invitation for a seminar: Intercultural Competence – How to pack your suitcase for a life in Italy

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Dear parents,

We are pleased to invite you to a joint seminar by AGSEV and EMPOWER JRC (The professional and collaborative Network for JRC staff partners and spouses):

Intercultural competence: How to pack your suitcase for a life in Italy.



12th of October (Thursday), 19:45-21:45h


Auditorium, JRC Clubhouse, Ispra, 1st floor


For organisational reasons, please register by the 10th of October by clicking on the button below.


Facilitating the audience through intercultural competencies, Coaching tools and Emotional Intelligence instruments to approach their life in Italy in an open minded and successful manner.


Our experience is highly influenced by our perspective and the emotions our thoughts provoke in us. Starting over in a new country can be challenging at times: Cultural differences, language barriers, the threat of the new unknown, insecurity of the future. Family routines are being challenged while facing a completely new job environment: the pressure on the individual can be enormous.

Italy has often gained a special place in our heart, sometimes because we have spent time on vacation here, sometimes it’s just a dream put together from pieces of movies or books… Moving here can be challenging at times, especially if reality doesn’t confirm our romantic vision of the country.

This tailor-made workshop will help you understand your emotions and the message these carry when facing cultural differences. A higher awareness of personal stumble blocks and the ability to “surf” the emotional waves, as well as a better understanding of Italian culture will help you approach this challenge with ease.


Anne Leone (born Halberstadt) is German and moved to Italy in 2008. Graduating in International Management, she had the chance to live, study or work in many different countries, such as Canada, France and the US. She was certified as an Executive Coach in 2014 and as Emotional Intelligence Educator in 2018 and offers individual Coaching sessions, as well as small- group-workshops (in German, Italian and English) in her studio in Azzate.

If you want to know more, please visit her website.