Dear Parents/Guardians,


Latest update: Please be informed that taking orders has now been closed. The photos will be delivered to the students’ main teachers in the week commencing 29/5/2023. We will keep answering your questions at ( until all photos are delivered to families.


AGSEV is organising class photos again this year, but with a different provider from last year. You can find more detailed information on the ordering and cost of the photos here below, or in the form of Q&As.


We are very proud to announce that we have developed an online ordering system that is available on our website. You can order your photos at:

Importantly, in order for your child(ren) to be included in the class photos we need you to give us informed consent and agree with the privacy statement for treatment of personal information. You should do this through the same link as given above by including in your order a “Class Photo Privacy”. We ask you to do this even if you don’t want to purchase any photos so that your child(ren) can be included in the class photos. You are able to purchase the “Class Photo Privacy” without ordering photos for no cost, but we will not be able to accept orders of class photos without a “purchase” of the “Class Photo Privacy”.


The deadline for giving us the informed consent and for ordering the photos is 12th April 2023.


Last year school photos were taken by All-in-One but, for several reasons, we have decided to not use them this year. This school year, AGSEV has worked hard in finding a new photographer to take the class photos. This year we will be working with Paola Beccegato from Azzate. She is an experienced photographer who recently sold her photo shop and now works as a freelancer.  She has a lot of experience in making school photos.


The class photos will be taken immediately after the Easter holiday. It will start on Tuesday the 18th of April. The schedule will be sent later so you will know when the photos of your child(ren)’s class(es) will be taken. Due to timing constraints, since we are already in March, we will not do individual photos but only class photos with the teacher. Two different photos will be taken per class, one in a serious pose and another one in a funny. Both photos will be printed in a 20x30cm format and be delivered in a nice hard paper folder. You can purchase one, the other or both class photos in as many copies as you wish.

If you are interested in ordering the photos, you as parent/guardian must give AGSEV explicitly consent to include your child(ren) in the photo shooting and explicitly approve the privacy statement, which are provided on the AGSEV website as explained above. This consent is different from the one you have given to school in the past via the SMS system because the photo shooting is organised by AGSEV, not by the school.

We need to collect the informed consents and orders prior to the photo shoot because we need to ensure, in collaboration with the school, that students for whom who haven’t received consent to be photographed at school will be exclude from the class photos. This does mean you will have to pay for the pictures before seeing them.

The prices of the class photos are:

– €5,00 per photo for AGSEV members.
– €10,00 per photo for non-AGSEV members.


If you are an AGSEV member, the system should recognise your e-mail address and automatically apply the discount at checkout. If this doesn’t happen, please contact us at and one of our AGSEV volunteers will try to help and support you.


If are not yet an AGSEV member, you can still become a member and pay the yearly membership fee of €25,00 directly in your purchase order and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Simply add to your order the “Annual PA Membership”.

Payments will be managed through the AGSEV website and can be done online through debit/credit card, paypal, satispay and wire transfer.


Once the class photos are taken, edited and printed, they will be delivered to the student’s main teacher for distribution.


As mentioned above, there is a dedicated email address for any queries ( where one of our AGSEV volunteers will try to provide any help and support you may require.

The AGSEV e-commerce site is a new implementation designed and prepared by us volunteers. Please be patient! Like you, we are just parents and can (and will) make mistakes.

We hope this is something the school community appreciates. We are always happy to receive constructive comments, energy and support from more parents in this community.


Best wishes,