If the dominant language of a pupil is not among the languages taught at the School, choice of Language I and II will be made in an agreement between the Direction and the parents. Parents of pupils of categories I and 2 of native language of the Community (Danish, Finnish, Greek, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish) who do not have a language section will normally enrol their child in one of the vehicular language sections.

The children also follow classes in their native language given by a teacher from their country.For these pupils:

  • Language I is their native language (1 school hour per day)
  • Language II is that of the section in which they are enrolled.

They do not have the possibility of learning another foreign language in the primary cycle besides Italian.

Example: Fernando, Spanish, enrolled in the French section. He follows Spanish lessons, first language (LI) while his classmates have lessons in Language II: German or English. For him French is his Language II in which he studies mathematics, supplementary activities, etc. He will have Italian lessons like all the other pupils of his section.The above example should be interpreted as follows:

  • native language (LI)
  • LII (language of the section)

Where the pupil joins the Italian section:

  • Language I will be the native language
  • Language II will be one of his choices: English, German or French

He will attend LII with his classmates and his LI lessons while his classmates are having Italian (language of the section). Sometimes he attends LI while his classmates are in Sports, Moral,ecc. It depends on organization. It is not easy. Because LI in Italian has more hours ( 16 aprox) than LI for this student ( 5 aprox. ) he still attends some Italians lessons.
Although he follows all the lessons (mathematics, supplementary activities, …) in ltalian, he will not be evaluated on his knowledge of that language ( Italian). This is not provided for in the report card.
Only cat. 1 and 2 are entitled to have mother tongue instruction. Cat. 3 has to wait until the course has opened.

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