Are you a newcomer ?

Are you a newcomer ?

Or have you been here (region of Ispra-Varese) for a while but there is more that you want to learn?

Go-for-IT is our name.

For the moment we are a core team of five enthusiastic expats who voluntarily started this project 3 years ago in order to guide newcomers and share information in Varese, Ispra and surroundings.

Our team is composed of people with different backgrounds, having different family situations (with/without children), coming from different countries all over the world and arrived for similar reasons in this region.

Our common goal is to help you before and at arrival (and even afterwards) in this beautiful area.

We are open to all of those arriving to this beautiful piece of Italy, and it’s totally free.

If you would like to know more about the areas of Ispra, Varese and in between, meet other newcomers and/or expats, make new friends, get information, ask for advice and follow our activities, then

take a look at our our website

to discover our mission, vision, a easy printable start guide and subscribe if you want to attend our free monthly meetings where you can meet new people, have a lot of information and discover new interesting places! We also make an interesting overview of the upcoming events of the month for the meeting attendants.

The used language is English but we speak more then 7 languages all together 

We hope to meet you at our next meeting with an aperitivo in about 2 weeks (but you have to subscribe on our website in order to receive the invitation)!

Welcome and enjoy life in this beautiful area!

The Go-for-IT team