Music in the Secondary School

Music in the Secondary School By Tomáš ŠkrabanBesides the compulsory timetabled music lessons in the secondary school there are also other music activities for all the students who are passionate for music: choir singing, orchestra, big…


ALICANTE MUSIC EXCHANGE TRIPIn the spring-time our music department organized an exchange music trip to Alicante, Spain. Most of the participants were the members of the instrumental groups (orchestra, big band).First we hosted the Alicante…

Music in the Primary School

Music in the Primary School By Jill BloomfieldBoo-di.. Doo-bi..La-la.. (It) Benvenuti tutti quanti Benvenuti ai nostri canti Benvenuti tutti insieme qui da noi Benvenuti à tutti, à tutti voi La-la…Music begins on the first day of…

Gruppo di parola

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