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Students for MEET Project JRC Opened day 4th May 2013

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Dear Parents,


Saturday 4th of May will be the JRC Open day in Ispra, from 10 am to 5pm.

With the support of European School and JRC, the Parents` Association (AGSEV) has decided to use this event to promote the Project "MEET", for which the Parents` Association is a pledge partner.

MEET (Movement for an European Education Trust) is an European initiative which has the objective to put together all stakeholders involved in education (ministries, parents, teachers, students) of the Europeans countries to initiate a High Quality European Education for all children.

According to the Lisbon's treaty, an initiative can be launched by European citizens only if 1 million of signatures are gathered. JRC Open day seems to be a great opportunity to spread the message and collect signatures due to the high number of visitors expected.

Therefore, we would like involve students from the European School of Varese to approach the visitors during the event. The organizational details are still to be finalized (competition by section, other...) according to the number of students involved.

We kindly ask you to motivate your children to join this initiative and furthermore to promote yourself this “High Quality European Education for all project ( ).

A meeting with voluntary students will be organized at school on Monday 29 April from 13.15 (aula Magna) where details and information about what to do during the event will be given.

Please note that all visitors (including students) for the event on May 4th must be registered at the address . I invite you register your children (and yourself!) as soon as possible since the number of visitors is limited and already reached a high number of registration.

Thank you very much for your cooperation,


Stephane Cordeil

President AGSEV




Cari genitori,


Sabato 4 maggio, dalle 10 alle 17, si terrà  al CCR (Centro Comune Ricerche) la giornata "Porte Aperte" (Open Day). Con il supporto della Scuola Europea di Varese e dello stesso CCR, l`Associazione Genitori (AGSEV) ha deciso di promuovere durante l`evento il progetto MEET, di l`Associazione è partner attivo.


MEET (Movement for an European Education Trust) è un`iniziativa europea che ho lo scopo di mettere insieme tutti gli "attori" dell`istruzione (ministri, genitori, insegnanti, studenti, etc.) per lanciare un progetto di educazione di alta qualità  per tutti.

Secondo il trattato di Lisbona, un`iniziativa può essere lanciata a livello europeo solo se si raccoglie il numero di firme richiesto, in questo caso un milione. La giornata "Porte Aperte al CCR" ci sembra un'occasione da non perdere per fare conoscere l`iniziativa e raccogliere le firme, dato l`alto numero di visitatori previsto.


Pertanto, vorremmo coinvolgere gli studenti della Scuola Europea di Varese per avvicinare i visitatori durante la manifestazione. I dettagli organizzativi sono ancora in via di definizione (competizione per sezione, altro ...) in base al numero di studenti coinvolti.


Vi chiediamo di invitare i vostri ragazzi a farsi promotori attivi dell`iniziativa (di cui troverete maggiori dettagli a questo link ), e di promuoverla voi stessi. Un incontro con tutti i studenti volontari sarà organizzato a scuola il giorno Lunedi 29 Aprile dalle ore 13.15 (aula Magna), per concordare le varie operatività.


Si prega di notare che tutti i visitatori (compresi gli studenti) per l'evento del 4 maggio devono essere registrati presso l'indirizzo Vi invito registrare i vostri figli (e voi stessi!) Il più presto possibile, in quanto il numero di visitatori è limitato e già  raggiunto un elevato numero di registrazione.


Vi ringraziamo già  da ora per il vostro aiuto.


Stephane Cordeil

President AGSEV



MEET wishes you all Happy New Year - You can now sign our European Citizens' Initiative

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Dear all,


High Quality European Education for All.

A group of educationalists, parents, teachers and schools across Europe have launched a campaign to collect a million signatures calling for the creation of an Education Platform as part of a drive to improve the quality of education across the continent.

The MEET proposal is the eighth officially registered European Citizens' Initiative.

The people behind this initiative have been inspired by the European School system. The European Schools were set up 60 years ago on the basis of Jean Monnet's vision of a united Europe, with pupils from different cultural background being educated side by side from an early age. We have 60 years' experience of how successful this approach has been. We should give the same educational opportunities to other European children too!

You will find here below further information about the MEET initiative.


Best wishes,


Kari Kivinen

Secretary-General of the European Schools




MEET wishes you all a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2013, which sees the launch of our EU-wide campaign to gather a million signatures for a High Quality European Education for All.

MEET, the Movement towards a European Education Trust, submitted a European Citizens Initiative using new powers under the EU's Lisbon Treaty which give citizens the right to demand new laws directly from the European Commission - provided they can gather enough signatures.

The MEET proposal is the eighth officially registered European Citizens' Initiative. It calls for the creation of an Education platform to stimulate debate on how to improve schools and boost the European dimension of education in line with the EU's 2020 strategy. "Europe's future depends on Education, how to educate citizens, how they learn. Common education goals reflecting European basic values should be at the heart of a solution to today's challenges," says Ana Gorey, President of MEET.

" As young Europeans are the ones who will build the Europe of tomorrow, it is essential to begin building a common European identity. I thus invite you to join me in supporting this initiative that will help strengthen this common identity which Europe needs" said Mr. Henri Malosse, President of the Employers'

Group of the European Economic and Social Committee where the ECI launch was hosted. You are also invited to share this mail and help spread the word.


Click here to demand a say in the future of education, in and for, Europe


Click here to become a member or a pledge partner


Click here for more information on the ECI launch



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